N38KC & N200SJ – Navajo

Piper Chieftain Navajo

Harris Aircraft Services operates two Piper Chieftain Navajos which cruise at over 200 mph and can seat up to 9 passengers comfortably. From check-in time to destination arrival, there is no faster way to travel throughout Southeast Alaska.

We proudly participate in the Alaska Phase II CAPSTONE Program, which equips our two Piper Chieftains with cutting-edge technology. The CheltonSynthetic Vision EFIS avionics package, allows us to use special CAPSTONE low altitude airways coming into every airport in Southeast Alaska. This cutting-edge technology creates a stand-alone GPS navigation system that replaces conventional “steam gauge” instruments, making our aircraft safer.

Harris Air operates aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) day or night so we have the ability to offer safe, reliable passenger service year-round. All Harris pilots hold Instrument Ratings and are extensively trained in the routes, arrival and departure procedures for every airport in Southeast Alaska. Whether it’s a flight up Lynn Canal or a trip to Klawock, every aircraft and pilot are able to meet the needs of Southeast Alaska’s unpredictable weather conditions ensuring your safety.

N60TF – Beaver

DeHavilland Beaver

Specifically designed for the northern rugged landscape, The DeHavilland Beaver is one of the most popular bush planes in Alaska. The Harris Air Beaver seats 5 passengers with room for all of your backcountry supplies. Often labeled the “workhorse” of seaplanes, the DeHavilland Beaver gets the job done.

N6590 – Cessna

Cessna 185

Seating 3 passengers, the Cessna 185 offers a safe, quick commute to the remote reaches of the South Baranof Wilderness Area and the Tongass National Forest. Whether you are flightseeing, taking the day off to go fishing at one of our pristine high mountain lakes, or commuting with a small group, the Cessna is a great way to fly.