All flights are subject to change. Check-in times are one hour prior to departure. Passengers more than 30 minutes late for check-in may be denied boarding.
  • Cancellations to reservations must be made at least 24 hours before departure time to avoid a $50 cancellation fee.
  • Each ticket includes up to 50 lbs of baggage in the ticket price. All baggage is space available. Excess baggage is allowed space available and will be charged at $.75 per pound. Carry-on baggage is not permitted.
  • Harris Air assumes no liability for damage to luggage. All persons who have an issue of damage, delay or loss of any baggage or personal property, must be reported in writing to a Harris Air representative within 24 hours.
  • All hazardous materials and firearms must be declared upon check-in and are subject to a Dangerous Goods fee. Bear spray must be declared and transported in an appropriate container provided by Harris Air. All firearms must be unloaded and packed appropriately for transportation.
  • Harris Air does not assume full responsibility or guardianship of unaccompanied children. Please declare any children less than 18 years of age when making reservations.
  • Children under 2 years of age accompanied by an adult are considered a “lap child” and ride free of charge. Limit to one lap child per paying passenger.
  • Animals must be transported in an appropriate kennel or cage (space available). All animals must be harmless, odorless & require no attention during transit. Animals must be picked up within 3 hours after arrival or are subject to a fee.
  • Harris Air has the right to refuse transport to any passenger.
  • Persons needing assistance boarding or needing special assistance during transit must be accompanied by an escort and be declared upon making reservations.