***Sitka Special***  Now through September 30th, flights to and from Sitka (through Juneau) are only $120.00!


FALL SCHEDULE: September 1st – October 31st

*Flight times are subject to change without notice.

*Seat fares shown below include all taxes and fees!  See “Terms and Conditions” for more information regarding non-refundable and refundable fares, as well as baggage and cargo information.




Sitka to Gustavus (Flight 500)

Departure 07:00 am Arrival 7:45 am


Gustavus to Juneau (Flight 601)

Departure 8:00 am    Arrival 8:30 am


Juneau to Haines (Flight 700)

Departure 8:45 am    Arrival 9:25 am


Haines to Juneau (Flight 701)

Departure 9:40 am    Arrival 10:20 am


Juneau to Sitka (Flight 501)

Departure 1:15 pm   Arrival 2:00 pm




Sitka to Juneau (Flight 502)

Departure 11:00 am             Arrival 11:45 am


Juneau to Haines (Flight 702)

Departure 2:10 pm               Arrival 2:50 pm


Haines to Juneau (Flight 703)

Departure 3:05 pm               Arrival 3:45 pm


Juneau to Gustavus (Flight 602)

Departure 4:00 pm               Arrival 4:30 pm


Gustavus to Juneau (Flight 603)

Departure 4:45 pm               Arrival 5:15 pm


Juneau to Sitka (Flight 503)

Departure 5:30 pm               Arrival 6:15 pm