• Miner Discount

    If you are a miner at Kensington, Greens Creek, or Constantine Mine you are eligible for a discount on flights between Haines and Juneau. Please see a Customer Service Agent to show your Miner ID and receive your promo code to use when booking flights at the counter, over the phone, or online!

  • Southeast Alaska Farmers Summit

    The summit will take place in Sitka, February 15th-18th, 2019. Use promo code FARMERS to receive a discount on all Sitka flights to attend training and learn how you can become a better gardener and farmer in Southeast Alaska!

  • Wearable Art Show in Juneau

    Get a discount on any flight to or from Juneau to attend the Wearable Arts show in Juneau between February 15th and 18th. Use promo code TURBULENCE and enjoy the show!

  • Gold Medal Basketball Tournament in Juneau

    Whether you’re a fan, family, or are preparing your skills to play in the games, Harris Air has a discount for you! Use promo code GOLDMEDAL19 and get 10% off any round trip tickets to Juneau between March 15th and 25th! Good luck to all the teams competing!

  • March Promo's Coming Soon

    Coming soon!

  • April Promo's Coming Soon

    Coming soon!

  • May Promo's Coming Soon

    Coming soon!

Terms and Conditions:
*Offers may not be combined with any other coupons, discount codes, specials, or promotions.
*All fares include taxes and fees!
* Fares are considered a standard ticket purchase and are non-refundable.
*Applicable fare and tax differences will apply to any changes made after ticketing and will result in the forfeiture of the discount code in cases where the modified ticket does not qualify for the discount.
*Valid for new ticket purchases only. Offers cannot be applied to tickets that have already been purchased.

Frequent Flyer Rewards


Individuals wishing to join Harris Air Frequent Flyer Rewards program can do so online, via email or by calling our reservations line.
To enroll simply provide us your name, phone number, email and date of birth. Reward program members will be asked to confirm this information before Harris Air Employees can make changes to an account or discuss account details.

Earning Frequent Flyer Rewards Points
Earning points with Harris Air is easy! Just fly on any scheduled Harris Air flight!
10 points = One complimentary one-way ticket on any of our scheduled flights
20 points = One complimentary round-trip ticket on any of our scheduled flights
• Book tickets online, at the counter or over the phone to earn rewards points.
• Points will be awarded for each qualified one-way flight
• Redeem your Frequent Flyer Rewards points by calling our reservations line at 907-966-3050

The following types of tickets at not eligible for accrual of Frequent Flyer Rewards points:
• Frequent Flyer Rewards tickets
• Complementary tickets
• Non-revenue tickets
• Charter tickets
• Reduced industry tickets
• Any discount ticket deemed ineligible by Harris Air


Terms and Conditions
• Points are awarded only to the individual flying.
• Points are earned for each qualifying one-way flight.
• There are no group or family memberships; each individual must have a separate account. Corporate business please call Harris Air at 907-966-3050.
• Points will be deducted when a reward reservation is made and a ticket has been issued.
• Points cannot be combined with other reward members BUT can be used to book a one-way or round-trip ticket for anyone you chose, so your friends and family can fly for free!
• Charter bookings are not eligible for points or for redemption of rewards points.
• Cancellation/No Show policies apply to all Frequent Flyer Rewards tickets.
• Frequent Flyer Rewards tickets have no cash value and are nonrefundable.
• Issued Frequent Flyer Rewards tickets expire one year from date of issuance.

Harris Air reserves the right to change or delete any established redemption rules required to obtain Frequent Flyer Rewards tickets as well as excluding specific types of transactions or tickets from accumulating points.
This rewards program supersedes any preexisting rewards program you may have participated in with Harris Air.
Any discrepancies with Frequent Flyer Rewards accounts must be brought to the attention of Harris Air Customer Service within one year of the activity date. The request and supporting documents should be sent to rewards@harrisair.com. Request must include the member’s name, Frequent Flyer Rewards number and any supporting documents.
Harris Air may void or delete an account at any time for misuse or violations of its terms and agreements. Termination will result in the loss of all accumulated points and membership in the Frequent Flyer Rewards Program.