Harris Aircraft Services Inc. – Policies

There are many factors that may affect the planned departures so please reconfirm travel at least 24 hours in advance. We recommend all passengers check in at least 45 minutes prior to flight departure time. The cut-off for check in is 30 minutes prior to flight departure time. Any passengers not checked in by this time may be denied boarding by Harris Air. Non- refundable ticket holders will be denied boarding without compensation, while Flex Fare ticket holders will either be rescheduled to the next available flight or given a full refund. All flights are subject to change without notice. Tickets are non-refundable (except for Flex Fares), but ARE transferable and are valid for one year from date of purchase. Passengers that fail to check in for a flight without notifying Harris Air at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure time will no longer be able to use that portion of the ticket (except for Flex Fares) towards any Harris Air flights.

Ticket Presentation: No person shall be entitled to transportation on Harris Aircraft flights except upon presentation of a valid ticket or valid confirmation number that can be verified through our reservations system. Such ticket shall entitle the passenger to transportation only between points of origin and destination and via the routing designated thereon.

Validation: A ticket that has been altered, mutilated, or improperly issued, shall not be valid unless it can be verified as a valid ticket in our reservation system. All tickets are transferable and valid for one year from date of purchase of the original ticket.

Ticket Purchasing: Tickets may only be purchased with credit card via Harris Air website or by calling our reservation line. We do not accept cash, check, or trade for payment at any of our facilities.
***If you have an Alaska Airline connection you are making with Harris Air flights, please indicate that using the drop box when making your reservation online or over the phone.

Standard Fare Tickets (Non-refundable): Standard fare tickets are non-refundable and may be subject to change fees and loss of fare if passenger fails to notify Harris Air of travel changes 12 hours prior to flight departure time.

Flex Fare Tickets (Refundable):
Flex Fare tickets are fully refundable up to one year from date of purchase and are NOT subject to change fees or loss of fare if passenger fails to show for their scheduled flight.

Accompanied Children: Accompanied children less than 12 years old are accepted for transportation when accompanied on the same flight by a passenger at least 15 years old. Harris Air has the right but is not obligated to require identification of the responsible party meeting the child at a transfer point of final destination. Harris Air does not assume any financial or guardianship responsibilities for unaccompanied children beyond those applicable to an adult passenger.

Unaccompanied children: Unaccompanied children under 5 years old are not accepted under any conditions. Children 5 – 14 years old must be brought to the airport of departure by a parent or responsible adult who remains with the child until enplaned and the aircraft departs; the parent or adult must furnish with satisfactory evidence that the child will be met by another parent or responsible adult upon deplaning at his/her destination. The child will not be accepted if the flight on which the child holds a reservation is expected to terminate short of or by-pass his/her destination. Children from 15 – 17 years old are accepted without restrictions.

Lap Children: Children less than 2 years of age, accompanied by an adult fare paying passenger, and not occupying a seat, will be allowed at no charge. A limit of one lap-child per passenger is allowed at no charge. Each additional child less than 2 years old accompanied by the same passenger who is traveling with the first child less than 2 years old will be charged an adult fare for that child on scheduled service flights. Lap children are not allowed any additional baggage of their own for free.

Traveling with Firearms: Firearms will be included as baggage and subject to the passenger baggage allowance. Excess baggage charges will be applied when applicable.

Storage of Firearms: Firearms must be unloaded and packed in a crush-proof type container, manufactured specifically for a firearm; or a hard case. Baggage containing hand guns must be locked by the passenger in the presence of Harris Air with either a key or lock combination to be retained in the passenger’s custody. Baggage containing firearms will be transported in an area, that is inaccessible to the passenger.

Ammunition: Ammunition must be packed in manufacturer’s original package or securely packed in fiber, wood, or metal boxes. Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles will not be accepted

Minor damage to luggage: When Harris Air has exercised ordinary standard of care, it assumes no liability for incidental damage such as scuffs, dents, stains, and cuts that result from normal wear and tear.

Damage to wheels/handles:
When Harris Air has exercised the normal standard of care, Harris Air shall not be liable for damage to wheels or feet, or telescoping handles that are attached to the exterior of checked baggage. This exclusion applies whether or not the passengers sign a release form.
Fragile articles: When Harris Air has exercised ordinary standard of care, it shall not be liable for damage to, or damage caused by fragile articles described in the above paragraph.

Perishable articles: Harris Air shall not be liable for deterioration or spoilage of any perishable articles contained in checked baggage, whether with or without the knowledge of Harris Air.

Late Check In: If baggage is presented for checking less than fifteen (15) minutes before flight departure time, Harris Air will not be liable for any resulting expenses, including delivery charges, resulting from baggage not being loaded on the same flight as the passenger.

Unchecked property: Harris Air will not be liable for damage/loss or theft of items taken on board an aircraft and remaining in the personal possession/care of the passenger. Assistance provided by flight crew members to properly store such items does not transfer liability to Harris Air.

Unsuitable, valuable articles: The following items are judged to be unsuitable as contents of checked baggage, and Harris Air assumes no liability for loss, theft, damage or delay in the delivery of:
• Cash, currency • Negotiable papers • Securities • Business contracts, documents • Jewelry, watches • Camera’s, videos and photographic equipment, camcorders, audio equipment, film, camera equipment, photographs • Electronic equipment/devices, personal electronic equipment/devices, including components such as compact discs and video game cartridges • Computers and related components • Binoculars, telescopes, optical devices including eyeglasses • Silverware • Precious metals, stones or materials • Art objects, sculptures • Historical artifacts • Original manuscripts • Irreplaceable books, publications, collectibles such as baseball cards • Antiques, heirlooms • Keys • Sales samples • Medications • Furs, including coats, gloves, hats • Game trophies, antlers, pelts

Attached items: Harris Air will not be liable for tents, sleeping bags, or similar articles which are strapped, taped, or tied to another piece of baggage and may become separated as a result of normal handling during transportation.

Missing contents: Except for excluded items specified above, Harris Air will accept liability for missing contents from checked baggage, provided the passenger has exercised reasonable precautions to externally lock or secure the baggage as protection against possible loss or separation of such contents.

Consequential damages: Harris Air shall not be liable for “special” or “consequential” damages such as lost wages, ground transportation, temporary lodging, unavailability of keys, and other “inconveniences” or emotional distress resulting from damaged, delayed, or lost baggage.

Unclaimed baggage: Harris Air will not be liable for baggage not claimed within 1 hour after baggage has been made available for claiming in a public baggage claim area.